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Successful Engagements

Advisor Training

I teach advisors how to use the topic of Social Security to acquire new clients and better serve existing ones.  From simple conversations to impactful analyses, I arm advisors with actionable ideas.

CPA Breakfast

Most CPA's are asked questions about Social Security and don't know the answers.  I deliver a 50-minute CE presentation that covers the basics and highlights the important role a financial advisor plays in helping people make informed decisions.  A popular follow-up is to host an educational dinner for the CPA's clients on the topic.

Prospect Dinner

Your prospects and clients purchased Social Security unaware of how it works.  Everyone needs help in understanding it and making an informed decision.  I deliver an educational and entertaining presentation that motivates attendees to want to meet with YOU

Employee Meeting

HR and benefits managers have found my Social Security presentation to be exactly what their Pre-Retiree employees need.  In addition to humorously demystifying the topic, I arm attendees with a process for making an informed decision about redeeming their Social Security purchase.  A robust Q&A session helps to ensure a successful meeting.

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