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Looking for a presentation and speaker that inspires action?  Talk to us about the different options we have for any audience: employees, investors, or advisors.  While our Social Security presentation is the most popular, we have offerings across a wide range of topics.  Whether it's a twenty-minute lunch meeting, a fifty-minute continuing education class, or a ninety-minute keynote address, we can help make each minute impactful.


FEATURED PROGRAM:  Social Security


We pride ourselves on helping others deliver messages that:

  • Use plain English - we never assume that anyone understands professional jargon.

  • Are practical - solutions are only helpful if the audience understands the challenge and then knows what to do.

  • Focus on critical decisions - If it isn't important, people won't listen.  Let us help you craft a narrative that clearly explains an issue's real impact.

We also offer speech and presentation consulting.  Audiences will judge you; let us help you overwhelm them with awesome.

Practice Management

As an advisor, time is your most valuable resource.  If you are seeking to grow your practice, let us help you with three of your most important  needs:

  1. A relevant Value Proposition - How do you earn your fee?

  2. A rational Service Model - Most of your time should be spent on the things your client's value most.  If your client's don't value it, why are you still doing it?

  3. A commitment to Leadership - It starts with leading yourself and inspiring others.  Leading by example is the only path to team success.


Whatever the size, duration, and purpose of your next event, let us help you maximize its impact by having us help you with:

  • Overall Event Strategy

  • Building an effective agenda

  • Hosting / MC training and guidance

  • Content and how it is presented

  • Pragmatic post-event follow-up and action plans


Our team has decades of experience leading, hosting and authoring hundreds of successful events for a wide variety of audiences.



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